Aftercare is an extremely important part of the recovery process. Without continuing treatment for addiction/alcoholism, symptoms of the disease could resurface and relapse may occur. Here is a list of our online resources concerning aftercare:
sober living aftercare

A Guide to Sober Living and Aftercare

The main goal of a sober living and aftercare program is obvious, it’s to help recovering addicts stay sober, no matter what else might happen in their lives…

paper team

Strategies for Relapse Prevention

Maintaining your sobriety in the face of continuous pressures and relapse triggers can be extremely challenging, but a relapse prevention program can help….

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Personal Development

Utilizing a Life Coach and Skills Education

Some life coaches offer care around-the-clock , helping their client to make it through the day and dealing with triggers that can lead to relapse…

support groups aftercare

Find the Right Support Groups

Mental health and addiction support groups usually do not require participants to sign up prior to meetings, and fees or dues are rarely asked for…

online treatment

What Does Online Addiction Treatment Look Like

Online treatment programs for addiction may offer an array of unique therapies to treat addiction, but it’s typical for programs to give participants access to…

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