About Us


Foundations Recovery Network
5409 Maryland Way
Suite 320
Brentwood, TN 37027

As outpatient treatment providers, we’re dedicated to helping our clients maintain their independence, even while they work on their addictions. We know that our clients will be asked to deal with temptation on a regular basis when they’re outside of our care, but we believe that the treatments we provide have the power to help people overcome the temptations they’ll deal with at home.

Comprehensive Care

At Foundations Recovery Network (FRN), we are one of the premier organizations in the addiction treatment field. The FRN approach allows us to focus on both addiction and mental health disorders, and our treatments are designed to address both of these issues at the same time, enveloping the person with care that might be hard to find in any other treatment facility.

The FRN treatment program incorporates 12-step philosophies, and as a result, we encourage our clients to attend meetings and work the program on their own time. We don’t just rely on self-help techniques to help our clients, however, as we also utilize motivational interviewing, group therapy, relapse prevention planning and more in order to help our clients make lasting changes.

The FRN model has been extensively studied, and results suggest that clients who participate in this comprehensive care program are able to make a robust recovery from issues of addiction, mental illness or both. FRN programs continue to evaluate their success rates, and on occasion, the techniques are amended as new evidence becomes available.


Our Staff

Our clinical staff members have an extensive educational background in both addiction and mental health, and we ask our employees to stay up-to-date in treatment trends by attending seminars, participating in research and reading clinical journals. We also have many staff members who have their own addiction histories, and these professionals bring a personal touch to the addiction care they provide. They’ve been on the other side of an addiction issue, so they’re able to both relate and guide, and this can be an amazing help to our clients.

Our Facilities

Our treatment areas are light and bright, and we use a comfortable, relaxing color palette. Our treatment rooms don’t look as though they belong in a hospital. Instead, many of our clients have told us that the rooms seem home-like and welcoming, allowing for a comfortable and relaxing visit.

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